Carlos Bossard

Photographic Artist and Museum Professional


Receiving his BFA in Photography in 2017, Carlos started working as a commercial photographer in the Minneapolis/St.Paul Metro area. His passion for art and education grew. In 2018, he moved to Chicago to peruse his MA in Museum and Exhibition Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). His capstone project will be creating a guide for museums to help move them past their traditional structures.

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Carlos' first solo exhibition, Altered Consciousness, explored subconscious states of mind by manipulating time and light within images. His commercial work includes a variety of weddings, portraits, and cars (his favorite). He worked for Target as a studio portrait photographer in stores, and a photographer's assistant at their corporate photo studios. Nan Goldin and Alfred Stieglitz are his greatest influence. 


These institutions are slow moving. The "traditional" museum and its elite Board are facing new challenges and changing ethics.  Carlos wants to see museums break the rules, try new ideas, and redefine what a museum can and should be. He is active in the Chicago Cultural Alliance (CCA) and works as the Collection Specialist at the Haitian American Museum of Chicago (HAMOC). His career goal is to build a new museum (physically and figuratively). 


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